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The Simple Supplies Guide!

We provide the easiest way to get started on your college shopping check list.

Pre-Made Amazon Carts

Made by College Sudents

Easily Customizable

This is where your journey starts!

Hey, you've made it! Congratulations on perusing higher education! We know its a big decision and that it comes with a lot of stress. However we're here to help! Choosing your college supplies is your first taste of freedom so have some fun with it! Our goal is to make your journey as new college student as simple and exciting as possible. Scroll a little farther to see exactly how it works!


How it works

We've used our own experiences to create a detailed list of the most helpful and essential items for new college students. A link to an Amazon cart filled with every important item you'll need is provided below. Depending on your individual styles and needs, customize the cart to exactly your liking! It's that simple!

Choose your comprehensive list

Choose one of our hand picked lists as a base for your college checklist! Our base lists are put together based on experience and input of actual students. 

Customize the items in your cart

Add, subtract, and swap the items we've chosen to suit your personal style! This is the fun part! Take what we've picked and choose the styles that fit you!

Purchase everything you need in ONE click

After you've completed customizing you're items, purchase in one click! You've now taken your first step!

Generate Your Cart!

By clicking "GO!" we'll bring you to our general list filled with our recommendations for college supply essentials. Use our generated list as a base of operations, pick the items you like, and add them to your cart! Add, subtract, and change out items as you please to find your style as a new college student!

The Amazon link we provide here is an affiliate link. This means that we earn commission on the products if you buy within 24 hours! 


Get to Know Us

We're a family owned business committed to making the first steps of your college career easy and fun! We struggled with the stresses and daunting research that comes with college shopping. We knew we could develop a better way...

Stressless first steps for college preparation!

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